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Tony Elliott Foundation Auction

We're auctioning off a front wing!

"This special front wing commemorates  our 2020 race season, with all 3 dirt Wing cars I got to drive this past year. We're auctioning it off to support the Tony Elliott Foundation, and 100% of the proceeds go to them!

The Tony Elliott Foundation was founded in honor of the late Tony Elliott, who was a 2-time USAC Champion and Indiana short track icon. Their goal is to help drivers and teams realize their dreams in racing by providing funding to deserving groups and individuals.


I am very honored to be the recipient of this year's Tony Elliott Foundation award, and have the amazing opportunity to race the Chili Bowl with Clauson Marshall Racing thanks to them.

This auction is a way to try and give a little back to the foundation. Thank you all very much for the support!"

- Chance

Tony Elliott Foundation
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600 cutout.png
1200 side.png
1200 cutout.png
sprint car side.png
sprint car cutout.png
sprint side.png
1200 side.png
600 side.png

The auction is now closed!

Thank you all so much who bid, it is greatly appreciated! With 3 final top bidders going for the wing, we decided to have 2 more made - getting them all one and tripling the amount of donations! 

Last Bid:   $700.00        x3 =      $2,100

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